One of the most valuable tools in screening candidates is employment aptitude testing. These pre- employment tests are designed to streamline and improve your company’s hiring process.

10 Reasons for Pre-Employment Aptitude Testing:

1. Pre-employment aptitude tests provide an objective measurement of a job candidate’s behaviors and skills.

2. Test results will support hiring decisions in the event that disgruntled candidates, who were not hired, take legal action on the grounds that they were unfairly disqualified.

3. Pre-employment tests measure essential behaviors, attitudes and skills for jobs in a wide variety of industries.

4. Psychometric pre-employment testing can assess competencies and behavioral tendencies to ensure job and organizational fit.

5. Preemployment tests are available in multiple languages for multi-lingual applicants.

6. Employment tests help hiring managers develop a more complete picture of a candidate and how he or she will use their unique personality, cognitive skills, and core values.

7. Pre employment psychometric testing can predict success in various positions.

8. Psychometric pre-employment tests can reduce employee turnover costs by as much as 80%

9. Preemployment attitude testing can assess the candidate’s attitude toward absenteeism, tardiness, theft, drugs, violence, safety and job hopping.

10. Pre-employment tests provide hiring managers with interview questions on behaviors and attitudes affecting job performance.