Why Companies Use our Assessments

Here are eight reasons why companies use pre-employment tests from Employee Selection and Development, Inc.

Reduce Hiring Mistakes – Recent research shows the average hiring mistake costs a company $20,000-$30,000. Using our pre-employment assessments will reduce employee turnover. On average our clients reduce employee turnover by 33% -50%.

Quick & Easy To Use - If you can point and click, you can use our employment testing system. Questionaires are administered online and take 15-30 minutes to complete. Results are emailed to
you in less than 4 business hours, or if you are using our customized internet system, reports are generated in minutes. No mailing and waiting for results.

Reduce Interviewing Time - Results give you a complete picture of the applicant BEFORE you interview. Individualized in depth interview questions, complete with an explanation of why to ask the question and what to look for in the answer, focus your interview time on areas of concern.

Facilitates Hiring and Promotion Decisions – Baselines, based on your best employee's Skills, Work Ethic and Integrity tests make hiring and promotion decisions easier.

Customer Support – Free telephone results interpretation and baseline development are included in the price.

Least Expensive – At costs ranging from $425 to $26 depending on volume and which employment tests is used, our pre-employment tests are the most cost effective in the industry.

Meets all EEOC and American Disabilities Act requirements – Our employment tests have never been successfully challenged.

Most Advanced Employment Testing System on the Market - Our pre-employment assessments are designed to be administered easily over the Internet. This means applicants can take the pre-employment tests at any time, anywhere that internet access is available. Report output is displayed as a web page or a .pdf file in your default internet browser. Results can be posted on your company's web site, so multiple managers can discuss the applicant.  They can be easily e-mailed to keep everyone up-to-date.

Our Scoring Center Service was designed for companies who want to outsource their testing needs. It allows your managers to do quick screening interviews over the phone, send applicants to our website and have the results on their desks by the time the applicant shows up for the interview.